Buenos Dias Pescados!


here, meet Jullian

Frank, this is Jullian. Jullian, Frank.


Red vs Frank


every morning (or at least when I remembered) i’d greet them with ” ¡buenos dias pescados!”

i do miss you., rip..

do fish have souls?

ps. hiya! (like in karate) FIRST POST!



  1. jose angel

    fish have just as much of a soul as we have!

    But there would be a distinction between “kinds” of souls: vegetative (able to grow and consume), animal (able to move about and use varying forms of cognitive ability), and rational (unique insofar as we are aware to mankind). Plato thought this; Aristotle thought this; Thomas Aquinas thought this…as did just about everyone before folks like Descartes.

  2. supernovawarehouse


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