have you got an unruly pile of jewelry lying around?

do you wish you had an inexpensive, yet organized way of displaying it?

yes, that was my problem. guilty, guilty i was! until.. this simple solution:


all ya need are some map tacks or sewing pins + an empty area on your wall. my jewelry cluster hang near my vanity mirror. also, it’ll look more like wall art if you hang’em in a semi-orderly way to create an overall shape.


for earrings with the straight needle backings, i just ‘pierced’ the wall and stuck them in. (helps if your hole in the wall is at an angle tilting upwards so they don’t fallout)

and if for some reason you cannot or should not be puttin’ holes in your walls, find yourself a cork board.

see i’ve got answers for everything. well. i try/


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