(short for anthropologie, duh)

i like to make cards. it may stem from me being cheap and not wanting to invest 3-4 dollars on an ugly, impersonal, store-bought card. or, the fact that i like to make cards. : )

any hum, I’m sorry i don’t have other documentations of the wonderful and utterly artful cards i’ve made in the past-so you’re just gona have to take my word for it.

this was a very simple one, I made for the mum.

lately, i’ve been addicted to saving up all my anthropologie catalogs I get in the mail, and using them to cut from for my cards. All their products (sigh) and photography (double- sigh) are beautiful. Their winter catalog was shot in iceland (i like to think…hi raff!) and shot by shot was perfection. I think i made my sister a card with that one.. Anyway. the point is, find a nice mag’ page (i also love vogue ads) and cut it up n make it work for you. easy, cheesy.


this time, i collaged with with some floral rugs I found in the catalog.



this isn’t relevant, but I just want this jumper. bad. and also wish i could pull it off.


cut out card shape, relative to your collage shapes. this was not planned, but i ended up using the large anthro bag as my white card back. i ran outta nice off-white paper, what/ and wow.. remained so in theme.


card back!

i added some green craft paper to line the inside of the card- and cut it out slightly larger than the card dimensions so it would peek out.

simple, eh? Kay, i promise to post some more challenging, beyond beginner-status craft projects soon.

’til then!


One comment

  1. bb

    i wish i knew about this for holiday craft club:(

    that random comment about the jumper made me for real laugh out loud.. actually this whole blog is prty random. i like it so!

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