it’s like chinese-tapas.

me n my mom went to eat at this chinese restaurant for lunch today and i was bummed i forgot my camera because i wanted to share some of my favorite things to order when eating dim-sum! so, through improvisation.. i made these little drawings to clarify what the heck i’m describing, ’cause i don’t know what its called in chinese. hey-i doubt you’d remember even if i toldja.

so, if you could please refer to diagram A..__


fried seafood ball on a stick! oh- and the “stick” is a piece of sugar cane u can gnaw on afterwards. actually, u must. plus mayo dipping sauce!__c1

chinese eggplant topped with fish cake. they didn’t have the shrimp topped ones- which is my absolute favorite. these come close second.


chinese broccoli! my favorite veggie to order- so good. tossed with a little sauce (black bean ?) yum. (sar, have u had? thought of you and u liking new vegetables)

__ f2

shrimp filled pancake-thing. err not sure how to describe the “shell” these are encased in. soft, kinda gooey sticky dumpling wrapper and drenched in a sweet soy sauce. okay- tied for first.

__ e1

steamed barbque pork buns. (char shu bao?) these aren’t my favorite, but nice to order to round out the meal. we learned to say this today cuz we had to ask around for it so many times.

__ d1

best for last- egg custard tarts! hhhh these are soo darned good. i even thought about making them the other day.. but don’t think i could ever get it juust right. next time i’m in chinatown- must get a box of these !

-oh and can’t forget about the tea. lately i’ve become increasingly addicted to chinese restaurant tea. i don’t drink fluids a lot but i down an entire pot when it’s in front of me. plus my mom says this flushes out all the oils in the food or something like that? don’t know if it’s true but she’s been saying that ever since i can remember



there you are! a complete, tasty dim-sum meal, at just 6 bucks a persons (we took a lot home- n ordered dumplings n such, too).\


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