farmers’ market




farmers markets make me very happy.

i get super excited every time i come across them, and will go to great lengths to make it to one (insert countless absurd stories here). any hum, came across this one in silverlake after my hair chop( yep!) which made my day. what i particularly like about these markets is that each location has its own unique sensibility. of course you’ve got your standard, freshorganiclocal produce, florals n such, but there’s also those few oddballs that just make sense to that locale. my own observation, but for silverlake it was the stand devoted solely to ‘the best’ coffee, the woman with gorgeous ranunculus (one of my favorites!) in mason jars- all a la her backyard, and the vintage clothing+accessories lady with the amazing charms-on fake chains-? for 65 dollars. eep.

i even have it bookmarked- first spot! on my in’ernet.
Farmers Markets LA

yep, that’s devotion. so if you’d ever like to explore your local, or not so local market, hit me up and we’ll have a grand ole time..


-oh yea, those are hanging succulents growing out of giant shells in the first photo. another future project idea.


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