crochet me crazy.


clipped this photo from a designsponge sneekpeak awhile back.  sorry i don’t remember the details but that’s besides the point. cuz this post is about crocheting, not beautiful homes! that’ll come later.  so what struck me most bout the crocheted mess on the couch (and i mean that in the most loving of terms) is that the bright stripey log smooshed in the corner looks a lot like this:


저고리! or Hanbok  tops!


uncanny isn’t it? no? not really? anyway i’m itching to make one soon (a color log, not a hanbok)  and the only thing separating me from my own gorgeous crocheted mess is..  my lack of crocheting knowledge. 

 i did manage to find a Practical Lacework book in my closet that’s in japanese and printed in 1980.  let you know if i ever get to deciphering it


One comment

  1. prettysuperficial

    i think crocheting should be easy. even mom can do it!

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