a salty-sweet balance-beam


these are insane. make them now or find someone who will make them for you (like me! for example.) i found one on a cupcake and was really confused… til i took a bite. it’s the perfect balance of salty and sweet! i’m continually amazed at how salt makes sweet taste a million times better. like fleur de sel caramels…..

chocolate covered potato chips

note: i mixed bittersweet with a bit of milk choc, to make my own semi-sweet. was being wierdly picky that way..no need to follow suit ; )

8 oz ghirardelli’s bittersweet chocolate chips (or just 11 oz semi-sweet)
3 oz milk chocolate chips or bar-chopped
1 bag of salted ridge-cut potato chips

pick out pretty un-broken chips and lay them out on a sheet pan lined with wax paper. bring a pot of water to a simmer. put 3/4 of the chocolate in a metal bowl and stir to melt over pot or use ur double-boiler. (um, i attempted “tempering“, but was totally unsuccesful. ) take your chocolate bowl off the heat and wisk in rest of the chocolate. this should cool your melted chocolate. dip chips in (i dipped half cuz i like the way it preserves some saltiness, but i’ve seen people dip entirely!) and lay on wax paper-starting furthest away from you. pop tray in the fridge if you want them to cool faster.

ps. i also dipped cashewbutter sandies    pps. found a better picture!


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