new rings and stuff





hi you! hmm.. news ;news. my plants sprouted! after only.. lets see, 1 week! that is pretty good wouldnt you say? I do have a green thumb! well partly green but mostly still black. this is only one instance, afterall. (and upon later discovery- only 2 of the 8 pots sprouted : (  anyway i am real excited. : D in other news. i am preparing for the comp, y told me about.   this is going to be very challenging. why? cuz its me of course. i have no idea where to even start. paper. paper. paper. !!!! good ness gracious. wasnt there a period i was so Obsessed with paper? yes there was. i loved itloved it all. the texture the feel the look the smell the fiberous taste.. ugh but that has passed and gone and all im left with is memories. i’m not being serious though. this is  real. dilema. i feel like i should think about it a lot and not at all at the same time. anyway this is going to preoccupy my life for the next 30 or so odd days \ so get ready to put up with it, you.  my cold peanutty kale salad is awaiting me, and so is my smoked salmon hoagie. tee hee okay that made me happy. ciao!


One comment

  1. sara

    jo! eeee
    i miss your food! thanks for the encouragement on the blog front (i became disenchanted with bloggies for a minute there) – i’m in texas now but promise to work on a new post when i get back.

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