learning to ride a bike

promises are promises.

circa 2007

this was my final for that language of moving image class where my instructor picked on me ’cause i couldn’t tell the difference between a snow white artsy referenced video from an adam n eve one (hey! there’s apples in both n the lady falls, right? .it turned out to be eve).  anyway. the motivation behind this was,  i’ve learned a lot of things when i was little. i took extra-curricular classes for just about everything; to name a few : violin, piano, softball, swimming, english/math/science/, korean traditional dance/drums, tap, ballet, gymnastics, tennis, art. . i was a busy child.  but i never learned to ride a bike. so i taught myself at the ripe age of 22, amongst other activities.

so thanks jane, josearis n cal for making this adven happen. (but, um, seriously- thank you, michael matheson, for teaching me to really weld and planting me with the Big idea.)

i miss welding!!!



ps. korea has dumb laws over utube and uploading so’s borrowed my little cuz’s account.

고마워 해진아! ! !



  1. diana

    joann, i never learned to ride a bike either. i had a little purple bike with training wheels as a kid, and i never got off the training wheels, and when i outgrew the bike, the parents didn’t see fit to get me another one. so the phrase, “it’s like riding a bike” has zero meaning for me. you lucky girl, ride the wind!!!

  2. di! u should def.def. learn. it’s wonderful. it prolly only took about two extensive weeks to really ride and a few spills to truly master. i got myself an old schwinn and had the best time exploring the world on it!
    i don’t understand that phrase, still.

  3. Janeypoo

    Jane as in ME JANE?! If so, I’m honored to be mentioned in your fantabulous blog. I still remember that day when you coerced me to video tape your arse trying to ride a bike…and succeeding ever so gracefully! Whatever happened to that footage? LOOOOVE!

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